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House of Donatello, Brand lokal asal Indonesia lahir di Bandung pada tahun 1999. Nama Donatello sendiri dipilih sebagai penghormatan kepada salah satu seniman terkenal pada era Renaissance, yang dianggap sebagai sumber inspirasi untuk karya seni dan keindahan.

Eksplorasi model-model sepatu mulai dari wanita, pria, hingga anak dan remaja selalu menjadi dasar pemilihan barang di brand kami. Tidak hanya dari jenis tapi kualitas dan kenyamanan juga menjadi poin utama yang selalu dijunjung tinggi.

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I'm really glad that i visited this store few days ago. It's a great store with a great services. The store was clean and using health protocols very well.There are plenty of seats to help us feel more comfortable while trying shoes and there's some water cups available just in case we're thirsty. The employees treats us very well. It was raining when i'm about to go home and the security gives us a warm smile and escort us with umbrella to our motorcycle to take our raincoat. Thank you. I had the best shopping experience - Nindi Nur Asperina.

The great indie brand from Bandung. Great brand, great style, great quality with exclusive design. Gent or (specially for) lady footwear available here. Low cost but high recommended. Full of variety. If you visit Bandung city don't you ever forget to check this place out - BIL.

Local shoes and bags workshop with many variation of up to date styles, from kids,women and maen collection with affordable prices, you can grab anything from happening shoes style here..strategic location and large parking areas. Must visit when you came to Bandung or you gonna missed - Fitriani Agustine.
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